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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Skirting the Amazon Basin

Our run from Cochabamba to Sucre was wet, rough, muddy and scenic. The advice we received in Cochabamba was to wait until 10:00 am and the weather would break. "It never rains all day here." At 10:00 in a downpour we departed, led by Freddie in his pickup. The streets were flooded, even a popped manhole cover. We would never have found our way out on our own.

Once out of town, the scenery turned again to farms, and as we headed into the hills the farmland became more and more eroded and abused. The rivers run chocolate brown for a reason. On this trip I have wondered how muddy the Amazon might not have been two thousand years ago. We rode 48 miles of cobblestones, not my idea of fun. But the construction and mud that followed made them seem pretty nice.

Met a nice young couple from the Netherlands, riding two-up on a Chinese 180cc bike. They hope to sell it in Chile and move onto Africa. They represent guts with a smile. Oh and you should see their raingear.

In one small area in the mountains, I noted white tanks and pipes connected to the gutters on the small houses. It appears this is another effort by Morales to reach out to the indigenous people. More power to him.

After 9 hours, about 250 miles we are in Sucre, what appears to be a beautiful colonial city. When the Spaniards over ran the Incas they created this town in 1540.

It has a coffee bar outside of our hotel that opens at 8:30 am, we'll be there. Spectacular room in a historic hotel for $50.

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