Where are we?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Salta & More Photos

We left Pumamarca & dropped 6,000' on a freeway into Salta(I am breathing much better!). We received info re. a mechanic who may be able to diagnose Dave's leaky shaft drive. Spent the day working with him/staff together with phone consultation with Alex-BMW South Sound to conclude: put it back together...put a diaper on it, keep it full of oil & ride! We expect to leave Salta this afternoon.

Salta is a beautiful, organized city of ~600,000. We are very much enjoying the more organized society & excelllent food & ammenities. Just downloaded my recent photos to Dave's IPad. Hope you enjoy the visuals!


  1. Hey Dad... Google Gouchito Gill ... A saint that he red houses pay tribute to.

  2. Can't believe you guys haven't dropped the bikes in all that mud, or maybe you're just not letting on??? Great journey. Did something similar albeit not as long from California to Costa Rica 4 years ago.


  3. Missed you at the Fisher mini reunion Dave. We laughed our butts off!

  4. See you soon guys.

    I can't wait to hear from you the full trip. of course with a nice bottle of scotch and a good cigar.

    Ride hard, ride Safe.


    Your Bolivian Bother.