Where are we?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Riding Season

As we flirt with summer here in the PNW, our bikes sit quietly in a warehouse in Los Angeles. Seems as though our trucker, after a couple of false starts to pick up our bikes that Customs would not release, QUIT. He sent our full payment for shipping back to Rick. Now Rick is looking for a new trucker. Not to worry, summer riding season is just beginning. Today is June 21. All is not lost, I have riding my bicycle and doing Yoga. Jim is working for the State Department of Natural Resources.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Held Hostage in Los Angeles

Our bikes cleared customs today, but are now in a bonded warehouse waiting for the owners to come up with thousands of dollars in storage fees. This is BS.

I called SCAN Shipping yesterday and what they told me blows my mind. We shipped 7 bikes from Chile with personal gear. Caribe did everything right, but when Evergreen Lines saw personal gear they fabricated 23 packages. Now this caused Customs to go into a tail spin because now the bill of lading had been amended, a big NO NO. So they stopped everything.

Now here we are some weeks after May 15 when bikes first arrived in Long Beach and someone wants to be paid. Our negotiating power is limited as everyday we argue risks running up more storage fees.

Time to cut our losses. You guys win. You can have the bikes and call it even. No not really, but we're getting close.