Where are we?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


And out of the clear blue, here comes another rider. It's Rick Andrew.

Rick has ridden with Jim and Dave in Nevada, but had opted out of South America. While we were disappointed when Rick opted out, we understood.

Now Rick is in and his bike is on a later ship to Lima, where he will take off on his search for Jim and Dave someplace in Peru. Rick will have the advantage of the SPOT on Jim's bike.

Siga los tres amigos aqui.

Friday, December 16, 2011

The Trip

Jim and I have ridden together over the past few years. After trips to Alaska, Yukon, and three trips to Mexico, we decided South America was the next logical destination. We initially thought that a couple additional riders would be good, but after recruiting and then losing them, Jim and I decided to go it alone. We set January as our launch date.

First we going to ship by water, then by air, then we ended up shipping out of L.A by water. Our bikes are now sitting in Long Beach, CA awaiting shipment to Lima, Peru. We plan to join them for two months of riding through Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. This blog is our way of sharing this adventure.


Loading was an all day event. We first crated Jim's bike but found the rear tire would not fit. We then packed my bike with the front wheel mounted and found i had to remove handlebars. Then we discovered it was too high. After removing everything from the pallet, taking off my front wheel and moving Jim's bike forward, the pallets were ready to go. This simple task took us from 9:00 until 4:00 and we were beat.

Southsound BMW was with us all the way. Alex gave us tips and Robert finally loaded us into the truck. Adios motos, nos vemos en Lima.