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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Trip

Jim and I have ridden together over the past few years. After trips to Alaska, Yukon, and three trips to Mexico, we decided South America was the next logical destination. We initially thought that a couple additional riders would be good, but after recruiting and then losing them, Jim and I decided to go it alone. We set January as our launch date.

First we going to ship by water, then by air, then we ended up shipping out of L.A by water. Our bikes are now sitting in Long Beach, CA awaiting shipment to Lima, Peru. We plan to join them for two months of riding through Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. This blog is our way of sharing this adventure.

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  1. HI Jim, friend of mine, Dave Stockwell WA. asked me to provide advice for two guys riding in Peru who want to reach MPicchu and a lodging there. He volunteered me as I've organized mcycle rides across China/Himalaya/Nepal, ride a farkled r100gs with 176k on it and I organize tours and treks in Peru for 18 yrs. Lot of lead up to a short answer.

    As you know, there is no road to MPicchu. You can ride to Ollantaytambo and then leave your mcycles and hop the train for the last 2.5hrs to Aguas Calientes. You are going there during the height of the rainy season which started a week or so ago and gets bad during February, especially with the El nino we are having. Flash floods that take out the train tracks are common in February and March, sometimes in January too. The sun comes out, hard rains, the sun again, lots of clouds. Your bikes have duelsport tires, more knobby the better due to the mud you'll likely encounter at this time of year.

    My comments. Ride down the coast and enjoy the Nasca Lines. Ride on to Arequipa, an interesting city that could be fun for 2 full days. Ride on to Colca Canyon and ride from there to watch the Condors, pretty cool. The preserve along this part of the ride has Guanaco, often easily seen from the road; they are rare, beautiful and next to musk oxen have the most expensive hair on earth.. 2K for a pound.. Ride from there to Cusco in 4hrs. Allow 2 full days for Cusco, I find 3days of fun there. Ride from there to Olly (about 4hrs). Allow 2 days around Olly, it's an interesting place. You can buy your train tickets there and then as this is not the tourist season. All the hotels have space. If you crave American food, go to the Blue Puppy, otherwise I would eat anywhere else. Train to Aguas, stay the night. You can buy a bus ticket up to the MPicchu near the main square, just ask around, easy done. Note that there is a nearby Orchid Botanical garden and museum you can walk to in 20 minutes and THIS is when the orchids are blooming. Allow 4 hrs to see MPicchu. Take a train back to Olly and continue on your trip. IN Cusco, the less expensive places to stay are higher, away from the main square. I like to stay in one of the many nice inns off of San Blas square. Still quick access to the main square, but a bit less expensive. Shiny side up and carry chain oil, it's going to be "damp"..
    Me personally, I would ride on to Lake Titicaca, I like it up there and it's only 3hrs to the $135 Bolivian border crossing. I don't know if you're going into Bolivia, but it's nearby. If you want to visit the islands in Titicaca, look up http://www.titicacaperu.com/about_us.html All Ways Travel is a reputable agency and connected in the Islands. Nice people.
    Well, good luck. Rusty Brennan-Dubbs
    traveler@rustytraveler.com rustytraveler.com