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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Opting Out on the Road of Death

Going through La Paz was awful. The sprawling slums that continue to expand on the edges of all big cities were abundant. Jim navigated through town like a native, and Rick and I followed. Before we knew it, we were headed out of town and over another pass at 15350 feet, 39 degrees and a thick neblina. As we dropped down the back side on our way to Coroico we emerged into the jungle and 80 degree temperatures.

At this point we got a bit lost, and we were unable to find the road to Coroico. In the process we lost Rick. Finally, in desperation, we started up a narrow, unused cobblestone road that someone had told us leads to Coroico some 8 km up the mountain. About the time I was sure we were on the wrong road an SUV came down and he smiled and pointed up the road. We made it to Coroico before the vegetation grew over the road.

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