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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Two Days in Hell, One to Go!!!

Carolyn said people are wondering if we have cleared customs. No. We hired a taxi that takes us from office to office where we get fingerprinted, sign papers, give people money, hear excuses and hear promises. Finally at 5:00 we left the customs office where everyone had gone home, deciding that no one was going to help us. Our expeditor had to stay as he said it would tarnish his reputation if he left and a customs agent came out looking for him. I'm telling you the office was shut down, and the cleaning lady was pushing her broom.

I have never seen so many racks of rubber stamps on desks or heard the thunder of dozens of people stamping documents. We were almost ready to go at one point and they spotted Jim's Keens. They said no sandals in the compound. The ladies behind the counter made faces and signs to signify that Jim must be gay. Apparently government workers here have not been trained in equal rights, non discrimination, tolerance, profiling or much of anything else.

Manana we arrive there at 9:00 am and we're supposed to be on our way by 10:00. Sure.

We do hope to leave by noon and head north to Trujillo on the coast. No telling how good the reception will be, but we'll try to send something exciting like travel instead of red tape. I will forever remember my days in the puerto.

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