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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Gateway to Machu Pichu

We departed Urabamba for the short ride to Ollantaytambo, dropped baggage at our hotel then with alternating views of road quality, headed into the the adjacent mountains on what evolved into the best motorcyle road 'on the planet'! We climbed from 9,500' to the summit at 14,300' dropping from 64 F to 39 F before reversing course when we encountered heavy mountain fog. We returned to our hotel for an afternoon tour of the mountain town and spectacular adjacent Incan ruins.

Knowing their sensitivity to pictures, I asked a local Quechua woman and daughter if I could take their picture which she politely agreed. Although she did not ask, I gave her 2 US dollars. After snapping the photo, I thanked her and as I left, the little girl ran up to me and pointed out that one of the dollar bills had a tear...she wanted a replacement to which I readily remedied then snapped a picture of just the young girl..a special moment.

We successfully changed out train tickets for Machu Pichu to Wednesday from Thursday. We are hoping for good weather and an eventful day to this historic site.

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