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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thirty species of monkeys and tres amigoes

We had a slow start out of Cusco this morning. Rick couldn't find his helmet and I needed something other than 84 octane fuel. Rick found his helmet and after riding 4.9 miles through Cusco I found 90 octane. I remain very critical of the so-called BMW engineers for designing a world class motorcycle that will not run on the world standard fuel. My friends at BMW tell me that most BMW owners buy expensive machines with lots of farkles, but never actually take the adventure. Well we're taking the adventure, and there is nothing more frustrating than trying to start a bike in the morning knowing that it will not run on the fuel that is available.

We rode only 85 miles today. We tried to ride to Tres Cruces to camp and awake to a view of the Amazon. We passed one last village where the rock in the road disappeared and it became very slippery. We finally decided to turn around and retreat to Pisaq and stay in a warm hotel. Just think, if we had made it I could have crawled into my tent at 5:00 and listened to the rain come down. Good decision to turn around.

In this area the houses have three dimensional figures on the front of them. I had not seen these before, but this is spectacular folk art. As I was photographing several houses an indian gave me a dirty look. I looked at him and said, Es muy bonito. He smile and I continued taking pictures while he stood there smiling.

We are in another luxury hotel for about 22 dollars apiece. I am continually amazed at how many wonderful hotels there are that have no people. Wet season is everything.

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