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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Spirits Revived

The coast north of Huacho is spectacular in an odd way. Given that it is one of the driest places on planet earth, nothing grows except where rivers flow from the Andies. In spite of this chicken houses and slums are common. But abandoned chicken houses and slums are also common. If you know the slum succession system, the slums we saw never progressed past reed and bamboo shelters. Where man hasn't messed around it is beautiful.

Seeing the nomes in their green suits in this otherwise brown, white and blue land made me think about wages. I've heard the average wage in Peru is 2 or 4 dollars a day. So how much does it cost to paint a road post with a three inch brush if it takes 10 minutes to do them job? How much would it cost in the US? Don't forget to include the cost of two flaggers, a pickup and a paint sprayer.

At Santa we turned up the Santa River, a rain swollen torrent. What impresses is how this country goes from flat to vertical. We are now in Caraz at 7000 feet. Like so many places in Latin America, including Mexico, once you escape the big cities the small towns are spotlessly clean. Also lots of roses, geraniums and orange trees at 7000 feet.

And finally, a word about Rick. A new battery solved this problem. He has taken off going south out of Lima and will meet us somewhere. You recall we headed north from Lima. It all works.

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  1. Posting seems subjet to unwritten rules. Don't know if these are getting thru.


    Just joined the blog. THe HD, closeup photos of officlial's desk were amusing. I doubt the officials standing watch over you were similarly amused. A more sublte approach to these encounters may be more successful in your early release. Country looks great. Stay well, stay thristy.