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Monday, March 5, 2012

Time to be Warm

After yesterday's monsoon, we headed for the coast. Tonight we are staying in a hotel in Tome, just north of Concepcion. There is a real political-economic lesson in our ride today.

While America does everything it can to destroy industry, and in so doing the middle class, Chile gets it. Everywhere we looked today we saw manufacturing. The town where we are staying is supported by the timber and textile industries. It is a beautiful thing to see. Industry looks modern, but I noticed some differences in wood products facilities. They do not capture the level of emissions that we require in the United States. Maybe this is bad, but they have jobs. Where is the trade off between killing your middle class and compromising the environment? I don't pretend to know. Maybe someone from the Sahara Club can help answer. And yes, maybe they can also tell us what is wrong with planting trees in rows.

We wanted to see La Lala Falls today. We were off track and when we decided to turn toward the river there was no bridge. I was ready to turn around when Jim flew back saying he had negotiated a crossing. We went back and took a close look. Jim, there is more to the deal than the price, which was a mere 2000 pesos per bike to row them about a half mile across the river with home-made oars. We opted out.

Tonight we are in Tome where we had wonderful fish stew with clams, muscles, fish and egg. Also had eel (conger) with rice which was also good. When we were through we decided to get a couple of glasses of wine and empenadas. As we sipped and ate the lady started bringing in the heavy tables and potted plants. I rushed to help her and when we were through she said the wine and empenadas were on her. Nice end to an evening. I gave her a big hug. Hurt to bend over that far.

MaƱana we head north along the coast. Supposed to be beautiful and warm. This local hotel flavor is more to my liking than the HIE of last night.

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