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Friday, March 9, 2012

Lunch in Puerto San Antonio

This was worth the price of admission. Before turning inland, we decided to treat ourselves to a big seafood lunch in the port of San Antonio. As soon as we pulled off the highway the hawkers started calling. One guy clinched it when he gave us parking just outside of our window plus one or two parking attendants watching our bikes.

After the attendant said it was illegaal to park in an unmarked spot he offered her 1000 of our Chilean pesos. We found out later this also included her or another parking attendant standing there until we returned. Every time I looked out the window, the hawker was looking my way and gave me a thumbs up.

When we drove in we had noticed a very rough and steep crossing of the railroad tracks. We made it with a little pause, but the next guy didn't, and the train was coming. No problema.

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