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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Cannot Believe It Is Over!

But it isn't....The visual images & memories will last forever. As the trip progressed, Dave & I talked often about how do you convey the amount of visual memories, sounds, smells & interactions that 2 months & 7,416 miles of travel thru 4 unique countries provides. The answer is 'you can't'. We tried as best as we could with our blog, but the pictures & words don't do justice to the emotions & understandings that one gains by immersing yourself in other cultures.

We are thrilled & extremely pleased that so many of you followed the blog & joined in our adventure. Thank you.

It is also more than appropriate that we sincerely thank our wives who understood that this adventure was important to us & the compelling desire we had to explore this part of our world by motorcycle. We are both extremely grateful for their support.

Some of my favorite distant memories are the discussions around the campsite...(many of those with you who followed this blog). To have 2 months to share observations, thoughts, (solve a few world problems) with Dave & just plain enjoy each other's company just amplified the richness of the experience. We laughed often & on a few occasions...the chins quivered. It doesn't get better than that.

We look forward to compiling our images, video & thoughts into a coherent package for presentation to other fellow riders & any of you with interest.

I am not going to close with ANY thoughts or suggestions of OTHER trip ideas that MAY have come up. I don' t like violence!

Thank you all again for joining in our adventure.



  1. Greetings David. I sent the picture to your email. I hope you have received, I'll write when I have time for a translator. Hope you are well, has been a pleasure to meet you. I hope to talk more often.

  2. Dave,

    My name is Matt Nelson. We met at Home Depot last Saturday. I have had a great time reviewing your and Jim's blog. Your excursion looked epic. I have had fun showing it to my wife and kids.

    Also, I forgot to mention to you the other day that in order to get the "Lifetime Service Agreement" with the Ridgid drill, you will need to register the drill, battery, etc on ridgid.com in the next 30 days. Thanks again for sharing this with me. It was inspiring!! I am already planning my trip with one of my best buddies. Take care.