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Thursday, March 1, 2012

It Rained All Day

Jim and I are in Ancud, Chile. To say we are tired of rain would not be worth mention. We are tired of rain.

Mañana we are heading south on this island that the Spanish abandoned in 1826. At that time it was taken over by the native people and the Spanish decendants that chose to identify with the locals rather than jump in a rowboat or run into the forest to hide. We have been told by a UCBerkeley cultural anthropologist who is from Ireland that this island is a lot like Ireland. We shall see. (Why did we pay for his education so that he could come to Chile and work for Catholic University?)

In the afternoon we plan to take a launch out to see the breeding penguins. One lady we met this evening, and who has never seen the penguins, said, you have to make the trip out to see the penguins. So based on her recommendation and others, we will do so. Get ready for some dramatic photographs.

In the meantime, hasta luego.

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