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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Before I Die

I want my motorcycle back before I die. Gaston, our shipping agent, continues to work for the release of our motorcycles from US Customs in Long Beach, California. Are we seeing America's best at work?

Our bikes arrived from Chile on May 17th at the Port of Long Beach. Gaston was on hand to secure their release. He sent a brief optimistic note, and Rick arranged trucking to his home in Tacoma.

A few days later Gaston tells us that bikes can't be released because the customs papers stated cargo was 7 motorcycles. However, we had left our personal gear on the bikes, i.e., sleeping bags, clothes, helmets, boots, etc. Gaston, says, no worry, they are going to do another X-ray to examine our dirty underwear. We'll be free very soon.

No, US Customs will not release because Chilean Customs made no mention of our personal gear. USC says there are 24 "packages" that were not listed on the Chilean manifest. Should just be a simple call from USC to Chilean Customs. Not that simple! If anyone expects a happy outcome with a Federal Bureaucrat taking some initiative, don't hold your breath. These dirty bastards, that we as taxpayers are paying, have absolutely no incentive to do anything other than sit back and watch.

I was asked if what is going on in Long Beach is worse than Lima, Peru. I hate to say it, the US makes Lima look like a streamlined, highly efficient operation. I say makes it look, because Lima was a disaster.

I have to wonder if all Custom's Agents are constipated but just think it is a normal condition. God help the United States.

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